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Picture above: Childsongs recording on Sountrade Studio 1986
CD:S and MP3 files are avaliable on request.


  • Janusz Szrom • 14 December 2019 00:39:31
    Hi, (Dear Bosse Indebetou),
    I'm working on a monography of the Chodzież International Jazz Workshops in Chodzież between the years of 1971-2020. Next year we're celebrating our 50th anniversary( in 2020).
    I would greatly appreciate to collect any information you might be having from Chodzież.
    Below I included a few questions, which may help to organize your memories, if you choose to share them with me.
    When were you a lecturer at the Workshops?
    Would you be willing to say a few words about your time there, the people you met, and the general idea of the Workshops?
    Do you remember any particular incidents or anecdotes from your time with the Workshops?
    I will be including your letter in a printed anthology, so highly valuable would be if you reference a specific date with every anecdote.
    I would appreciate any photographs you could include from that time period; labeling the people you recognize would be highly desired and most helpful.
    Any information, any help you could provide is priceless. I strongly believe, that hose memories, those great times we all've had in Chodzież Workshops throughout the half of the century deserve to be gathered and published. I am sure this will bring back alive many wonderful happy moments to be cherished and people, who deserve to be remembered.
    Thank you,
    Greatest regards,
    Janusz Szrom
  • Peter Camitz • 29 March 2017 14:32:46
    Håller på med prototyp, kolsyrefyllning flaskor.
    Första prov visar att principen funkar.
    Nästa steg behöver styrd hydraulik.
    Kan du hjälpa?
  • Jussi Pohjola • 19 September 2016 16:14:05
    Hej Bosse
    Hör gärna av dig, såg att du hade lämnat en request på linkedin, som jag fn inte underhåller. Kul med alla ljudklipp, blir lätt nostalgisk.
    Tel 070-6731570
  • bi • 20 December 2014 14:32:51
  • bo • 9 December 2014 15:50:47

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