Jazz Workshop Poland - 77

.1977 I had the pleasure to attend a jazz workshop in Chodiez -Poland arranged by the Polish Jazz Federation.
During the afternoons I had the opportunity to study together with the most skilled musicians in Poland and I learned a lot.
During the evenings it was concerts for the local citizens of Chodiez.
I rember playing with Krezimir Debski who later became one of the world most prominent Jazz violinists and was voted number one by the jazz mgazine "Down Beat" later.
I could hear that he was going to be something big. We formed a trio, Bass, Violin and Guitar jazzing up Swedish folk tunes as well as playing ordinary jazz standards appreciated by the Polish audience. Krezimir is today one of the most celebrated film music composers in Poland.
Among the prizes for best film music one was handed over by Enio Morricone ! 
Picture to the left: "String Connection-1981.
It´s a pleasure having played with Debski !

Below: Jarek Smietana - Chodiez Poland 1977

A training session with Jarek Smietana, one of the most renowned jazz guitar players in Poland. He formed the group "Extra Ball". Smietana tragicly passed away September 2013 in a brain tumour. Listen and watch him on the web. he was a real nice guy only 3 years older than me.