Bo I Recordings on my own 76 - 2014

Jamming on my own after an idle period of not having played in a group for a while.

Stig was one of my best friends and passed away 2003, 20 years older than me. It is the only person I met that had an enormous knowledge of human behavior.

Could have been a hit.

A bit sleepy....

Hang In With your creative music !

City Sky Line

Billly Cobham tune that became a standard with Tommy Bolin on guitar that passed away to soon.

Sounds a bit like Corelli I realised after listening to him afterwards.
Gunnar Gillberg on flute and synth clarinette, me on guitar and  synth. Recorded one evening at Gunnars appartment.

To my lifemate - Marianne

Hypothetic Overview (After 12 years silence)


On My Own (1979)

All instruments: Drums, Bass, Guitars played by me - Rcorded in Royens home studio 1979

I Remeber Stig (1985)

Stig ! You were my life support

Hit Heat , slight return. (1985)

A song composed in state o Joy

Taking a Nap (1985)

I layed down one afternoon almost fell asleep then this song crossed my mind.

Akkerman - a tribute (1985)

TRIBUTE TO A Great Dutch Musician

City Skyline (1986)

Lakis on keyboard Jussi on Bass

Snoopy´s Search... (1984)

Long time since I heard him play new material.

For Elisabeth (1991)

I made this composition for my sister living in Holland when her boyfriend, Martin, suddenly passed away in a heart disease.

Marianne (2014)

First composition in 12 years

Hypothetic Overview (2014)

Pictures above: My favourite guitar, Gibson ES 335.  Next, Building"STUDIO A" 1979 situated at Stureplan in Stockholm.